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Repairs, Primitive Calcuators – Nihilistic Orbs Showcase, The Liberty Social, Melbourne, VIC (2013-11-21)

This was an awesome night put on by Nihilistic Orbs to celebrate the life of and commemorate the label. In retrospect, I wish that I had stayed longer and at least caught Sky Needle and Nun (not to mention Four Door, who I had already seen that day). Unfortunately the show clashed with another happening […]

Four Door – Collectors Corner Missing Link Records, Melbourne, VIC (2013-11-21)

This was a show that I had been very excited about for a while. Four Door is the electronic duo of Jonathan Hochman (Holy Balm) and Matthew Hopkins (Naked On The Vague, Half High, solo artist). They previously performed, recorded, and released music together under the Hochman & Hopkins moniker, where their output was quite […]

Full Ugly, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Zond – The Tote, Collingwood, VIC (2013-11-08)

I mainly went along to this show to see Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, who I hadn’t seen since the beginning of the year. I also was very keen to see Zond, a band who I had heard a lot about, but hadn’t yet seen myself. Unfortunately I couldn’t stick around to see Love Of Diagrams. […]

Exhaustion – No Horse, Bar Open, Fitzroy, VIC (2013-11-03)

As the Multiple Man show finished earlier than I has expected, and armed with the knowledge that gigs at Bar Open quite often run late, I was confident that I might be able to catch at least some of Exhaustion’s set. I got there at midnight and amazingly they had only just begun to set […]

Dire Ears, Justin Fuller, Multiple Man – The Grace Darling, Collingwood, VIC (2013-11-03)

While Multiple Man were down from Brisbane for Maggot Fest they put together this great lineup. Unfortunately I didn’t arrive in time to see any of Abstract Mutation’s set, and was unable to record Asp’s. The three sets I did record however sound pretty great. This night ran pretty early, so I was able to […]

M.O.B., Multiple Man – Maggot Fest Vol. 4: Day One, The Gasometer, Collingwood, VIC (2013-11-01)

I went to Maggot Fest with the intention of recording much more than I ended up by doing, and of the things I did record these two sets are the only ones that turned out. Thankfully these were my two favorite sets of the entire night, and both sound great. The entire lineup of Maggot […]