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Coup d’etat, Fabulous Diamonds, Krakatau – Krakatau ‘Water Near A Bridge’ LP Launch, Hugs & Kisses, Melbourne, VIC (2014-07-04)

Coup d’etat Kane Ikin & Harvey Sutherland Total time 34mins. DOWNLOAD HERE FABULOUS DIAMONDS Total time 29mins. DOWNLOAD HERE KRAKATAU ‘Kuriere’ features guest Joshua Bach on Moog (played from sound desk). Total time 59mins. DOWNLOAD HERE Advertisements

Krakatau, Twerps – An Evening Of Modern Music, Boney, Melbourne, VIC (2014-05-16)

This was another show (I think?) organised by James Tom. This time at Boney, which is a room I really like provided it doesn’t get too packed (Twerps playing meant that it got way too packed). KRAKATAU Krakatau are a fantastic avant-jazz, prog band featuring both James and Dylan from Hyperborea band. I was first […]