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The Clits, Angel Eyes, Superstar – Polyester Suck, The Tote, Collingwood, VIC (2013-07-20)

I had been pretty keen on this show since it was announced – I hadn’t seen Blank Realm before, really liked Per Purpose, and liked most of the other acts. Unfortunately, due to a few little annoyances (Terrible Truths pulling out, Per Purpose playing in the Cobra Bar rather than downstairs), the night probably wasn’t […]

The Clits, Hierophants, Bonniwells – Anti Fade Residency, The National Hotel, Geelong, VIC (2012-07-19)

Here’s an awesome one. In June of 2012 local fucking awesome bedroom label Anti Fade Records had a Thursday night residency at The Nash (RIP). This particular night was billed as both the launch of the Bonniwells’ Sneeze Weed album, and the Hierophants’ Bow Down To The Hierophants 7″, and had the awesome lineup of […]