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Nun, Peak Twins – White Hex ‘Gold Nights’ LP Launch, The Liberty Social, Melbourne, VIC (2014-06-28)

NUN 01 – Cronenberg 02 – Uri Geller 03 – Solvents 04 – Terrormaze 05 – Evoke The Sleep Total Time 24mins. DOWNLOAD HERE PEAK TWINS 01 – 02 – Waiting Room 03 – Got Woken Up 04 – The Dolphins 05 – Your Love 06 – Steppin’ Off 07 – China White 08 – […]

Nun, Total Control – Afterlife, Dark Mofo, The Odeon Theatre, Hobart, TAS (2014-06-21)

This show was held both upstairs and downstairs at The Odeon Theatre in Hobart. Nun played upstairs in a small room, Total Control played on the main stage. Native Cats played an amazing set upstairs before Nun, but I wasn’t able to get anywhere near a good enough position to be able to record them […]

Nun, Straightjacket Nation – The Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VIC (2014-06-14)

This show was the launch of Internal Rot’s ‘Mental Hygiene’ LP. I was at the Hierophants show before this, so I missed the first few bands. NUN 01 – Solvents 02 – Terrormaze 03 – Kino 04 – Cronenberg 05 – Evoke The Sleep Total time 27mins. DOWNLOAD HERE STRAIGHTJACKET NATION This show was insane, […]

Freejack, Flat Fix, Soma Coma, Repairs, Nun – Nun LP Launch, The John Curtin, Melbourne, VIC (2014-04-19)

FREEJACK Liam Osborne is Freejack. Liam also runs the consitstently excellent Future Archaic label, has played in punk bands Flesh World and Russel St Bombers, and performs as Baader and Lucid Castration. Freejack is nasty, broken techno; it is probably my favourite of his various outputs. I’d never seen Freejack live before, but Cooper told […]

Eastlink, Nun – Morning Ritual, Copacabana, Fitzroy, VIC (2013-07-14)

I had to work again on the Saturday, so I missed Ausmuteants and Beaches (bummer), but I’m glad I was able to make it to this show because it was awesome. I’m taking next weekend off work – there’s no way I’m missing out on Ooga Boogas. Recorded from the same spot as last time […]