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Equalizer 24K, xNoBBQx, Love Chants, Kitchen’s Floor – Discipline 3 Launch, Shebeen, Melbourne, VIC (2013-08-04)

The next in a string of really, really amazing lineups over this weekend. It seemed that all the Brisbane folks came down together, and this resulted in some memorable shows; this one probably takes the cake though, lineup wise. I’ve been wanting to see Kitchen’s Floor for a very long time – I’m talking years. […]

Ian Wadley, xNoBBQx, Encounter Group, Wonderfuls – Slow Club, The Tote, Collingwood, VIC (2013-08-02)

Apparently the Cobra Bar has been renamed the Slow Club for some reason. I can’t seem to find any official announcement of this from The Tote, but on both their website and wall every instance of “Cobra Bar” seems to have been replaced with “Slow Club”. Anyway, it’s best to keep that in mind when […]