Krakatau, Twerps – An Evening Of Modern Music, Boney, Melbourne, VIC (2014-05-16)

Modern Music Poster

This was another show (I think?) organised by James Tom. This time at Boney, which is a room I really like provided it doesn’t get too packed (Twerps playing meant that it got way too packed).

Krakatau are a fantastic avant-jazz, prog band featuring both James and Dylan from Hyperborea band. I was first exposed to them via a really great live cassette released via Jarrod Zlatic’s Redundancy label that featured two covers of Soft Machine’s Penny Hitch and two versions of the folk standard Wayfaring Stranger. They’ve since released their amazing LP ‘Water Near A Bridge‘ via Trouble In Mind. The LP has a very different vibe to this live show (it’s much krautier (kraut-ier, more krauty?), longform, drone pieces. The band spicifically pointed towards Popol Vuh and Agitation Free as influences). This set is excellent; I have a feeling that their Sunday morning Meredith slot is gonna be pretty perfect.


01 –
02 –
03 –
04 –

Total time 32mins.

Twerps meant that Boney was packed tight, but we were able to get a pretty good spot. All the new Twerps material rules, but Julia’s new songs in particular are some of the best I’ve heard in a long time. Best songs in general, not just Twerps songs – I’m so excited for the new LP. ‘Shoulders’ gives me chills. Unfortunately me choosing to stand under an AC unit means there’s a little bit of wind noise under some of the songs in the middle. It goes away when I move, don’t worry.


01 – Consecutive Seasons
02 –
03 – This Guy
04 – Shoulders
05 – Dreamin
06 –
07 –
08 – Stranger
09 – He’s In Stock

Total time 35mins.


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