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Alan Bamford Musical Experience, Fingers Pty Ltd, Adolphin Hitler, No Star, :2, The Take/Arf Arf, Primitive Calculators – Primitive Calculators ‘The World Is Fucked’ LP Launch, The Toff, Melbourne, VIC (2013-12-07)

The most exciting thing about this show for me was not getting another chance to see Primitive Calculators (though I was very exited about that), but rather their decision to revisit their little bands concept to serve as supports for the event. I had been fascinated with the idea of the original ‘little bands’ gigs […]

Repairs, Primitive Calcuators – Nihilistic Orbs Showcase, The Liberty Social, Melbourne, VIC (2013-11-21)

This was an awesome night put on by Nihilistic Orbs to celebrate the life of and commemorate the label. In retrospect, I wish that I had stayed longer and at least caught Sky Needle and Nun (not to mention Four Door, who I had already seen that day). Unfortunately the show clashed with another happening […]