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Coup d’etat, Fabulous Diamonds, Krakatau – Krakatau ‘Water Near A Bridge’ LP Launch, Hugs & Kisses, Melbourne, VIC (2014-07-04)

Coup d’etat Kane Ikin & Harvey Sutherland Total time 34mins. DOWNLOAD HERE FABULOUS DIAMONDS Total time 29mins. DOWNLOAD HERE KRAKATAU ‘Kuriere’ features guest Joshua Bach on Moog (played from sound desk). Total time 59mins. DOWNLOAD HERE Advertisements

Prolife, Bum Creek, Fabulous Diamonds – Boney, Melbourne, VIC (2013-11-29)

This show was my first at Boney (the rebirth of the notorious Pony). I have a couple of friends that hate the venue (for reasons I don’t totally understand), but I thought it was pretty good. It sounds great in there, and I got a great recording, so I guess that’s the main thing. Having […]