My name is Sam and I occasionally like to record live music that I go to. I am currently based in Melbourne, but will be uploading shows from all over Victoria. Originally these recordings were simply for my own enjoyment, but other people have expressed interest in hearing them so I decided to set up this blog to share my recordings with others.
As the title suggests, most of these recordings were recorded with a small Zoom H1 digital dictaphone. It’s a temperamental thing – sometimes the recordings sound great, other times I’m left a little bit disappointed, but it almost always produces at least listenable quality recordings. If possible, I like to clean up the recordings a little bit and split them into tracks, but I’m by no means an audio technician so I never mess with them too much.
Any writing that I do alongside the posts should not be treated as a review, and is simply there to provide context. I’ll do my best to articulate what happened at the show, but what I write by no means should be treated as a well thought-out criticism. That’s not the point of this site.
If you represent any of the artists whose shows I upload and would like me to take a recording down, please send me a message and I will do so as fast as possible. I simply want to celebrate live music and share these recordings with anyone interested, not rip anybody off. As such, if you download a live recording I implore you to buy a record or go to a show as well.

Lossless files available for most shows upon request.

In my experience, all these recordings sound best through a good pair of headphones (not earbuds).

Please feel free to contact me for any reason at s.eckh93 at geemail dot com, and I hope you enjoy the recordings.


Horiscopic (Melbourne)
Fan Made Recordings (Melbourne)
DeadPoolLive (Melbourne)
Reel Muzak (Perth)
Sky Hut (Brisbane/Sydney)
Turn It Up!! (Brisbane)
Little More Than A Big Crashing Beat (San Diago)



  1. So good! Super glad this is a thing. Heroic. Way to go, man!

    1. Thanks Samuel! Glad you like it.

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