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Repairs, Constant Mongrel – Lounge, Melbourne, VIC (2014-05-15)

This was a Vice party, so it was chock-full of douchebags. Repairs and Constant Mongrel were great though. REPAIRS Total time 22mins. DOWNLOAD HERE CONSTANT MONGREL Total time 23mins. DOWNLOAD HERE Advertisements

Legendary Hearts, Repairs, Horse Macgyver, Soft Power – Sunday School, Public Bar, North Melbourne, VIC (2014-05-04)

I knew that I had to catch Soft Power while Andrew was down in Melbourne playing shows, this Sunday School was a perfect opportunity. LEGENDARY HEARTS Legendary Hearts is Andrew Cowie (Angel Eyes, Match Fixer) and Kieran Hegarty (Superstar). They currently have a cassette out via Not Not Fun (which I’m still chasing a copy of, […]

Freejack, Flat Fix, Soma Coma, Repairs, Nun – Nun LP Launch, The John Curtin, Melbourne, VIC (2014-04-19)

FREEJACK Liam Osborne is Freejack. Liam also runs the consitstently excellent Future Archaic label, has played in punk bands Flesh World and Russel St Bombers, and performs as Baader and Lucid Castration. Freejack is nasty, broken techno; it is probably my favourite of his various outputs. I’d never seen Freejack live before, but Cooper told […]

Vacuum, Jonny Telafone, Repairs – Monday Night Mass, Northcote Social Club, Northcote, VIC (2014-02-10)

VACUUM Vacuum is the project of Jenny from Nun, & Andrea of Chrome Dome and Asps. Shuffling, lurching, beat-driven industrial. Really great band, highly recommended for fans of either of their projects. 01 – 02 – 03 – 04 – 05 – Total time 21mins. DOWNLOAD HERE JONNY TELAFONE 01 – 02 – 03 – […]

Repairs, Primitive Calcuators – Nihilistic Orbs Showcase, The Liberty Social, Melbourne, VIC (2013-11-21)

This was an awesome night put on by Nihilistic Orbs to celebrate the life of and commemorate the label. In retrospect, I wish that I had stayed longer and at least caught Sky Needle and Nun (not to mention Four Door, who I had already seen that day). Unfortunately the show clashed with another happening […]