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Cooper Bowman, Hour House, Fingers Pty Ltd, Mad Nanna, Half High – Half High ‘Shapeless Advice’ 7″ Launch, Tape Projects, Carlton, VIC (2014-03-14)

Amazing show in an amazing space. Every set is essential. COOPER BOWMAN Missing link between Crabby and Cooper, watch it happen right before your eyes. One of the best. Total time 14mins. DOWNLOAD HERE HOUR HOUSE Possibly? (I can’t really remember) debut live performance from two former members of Castings after releasing one of my […]

Alan Bamford Musical Experience, Fingers Pty Ltd, Adolphin Hitler, No Star, :2, The Take/Arf Arf, Primitive Calculators – Primitive Calculators ‘The World Is Fucked’ LP Launch, The Toff, Melbourne, VIC (2013-12-07)

The most exciting thing about this show for me was not getting another chance to see Primitive Calculators (though I was very exited about that), but rather their decision to revisit their little bands concept to serve as supports for the event. I had been fascinated with the idea of the original ‘little bands’ gigs […]