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Nth Wheel, Lower Plenty – The Stevens ‘A History Of Hygiene’ LP Launch, The Tote, Collingwood, VIC (2013-12-20)

Unfortunately I was unable to stay for The Stevens’ set, who were launching their fantastic LP on the night, but I got some really great recordings of Nth Wheel and Lower Plenty. NTH WHEEL I’ve been a fan of Nth Wheel for a while now – this set documents the now-four-piece’s continued movement away from […]

Mud Brick Couch, Marney MacLeod + Justin Fuller, Ghost Gums – Ghost Gums ‘Vertical Slum’ Cassette Launch, The Northcote Social Club, Northcote, VIC (2013-12-09)

This Monday Night Mass doubled as the launch for Ghost Gums’ Vertical Slum cassette launch, still available through label Vacant Valley and recommended listening. The band were supported by two excellent projects; all three performances making this one of the most interesting masses in some time. Pure weirdo fodder; some of the best. MUD BRICK […]

Alan Bamford Musical Experience, Fingers Pty Ltd, Adolphin Hitler, No Star, :2, The Take/Arf Arf, Primitive Calculators – Primitive Calculators ‘The World Is Fucked’ LP Launch, The Toff, Melbourne, VIC (2013-12-07)

The most exciting thing about this show for me was not getting another chance to see Primitive Calculators (though I was very exited about that), but rather their decision to revisit their little bands concept to serve as supports for the event. I had been fascinated with the idea of the original ‘little bands’ gigs […]

Woollen Kits, Super Wild Horses, Bitch Prefect – Bitch Prefect ‘Birds Nerds’ LP Launch, The Tote, Collingwood, VIC (2013-12-06)

This was (obviously) a fantastic lineup, and turned out to be just as awesome a show as you’d expect. Aside from being the launch of Bitch Prefect’s ‘Birds Nerds’ LP, this was also the last Super Wild Horses Melbourne show, as announced a few days before the gig. All three bands played great sets, and […]

Prolife, Bum Creek, Fabulous Diamonds – Boney, Melbourne, VIC (2013-11-29)

This show was my first at Boney (the rebirth of the notorious Pony). I have a couple of friends that hate the venue (for reasons I don’t totally understand), but I thought it was pretty good. It sounds great in there, and I got a great recording, so I guess that’s the main thing. Having […]

Repairs, Primitive Calcuators – Nihilistic Orbs Showcase, The Liberty Social, Melbourne, VIC (2013-11-21)

This was an awesome night put on by Nihilistic Orbs to celebrate the life of and commemorate the label. In retrospect, I wish that I had stayed longer and at least caught Sky Needle and Nun (not to mention Four Door, who I had already seen that day). Unfortunately the show clashed with another happening […]

Four Door – Collectors Corner Missing Link Records, Melbourne, VIC (2013-11-21)

This was a show that I had been very excited about for a while. Four Door is the electronic duo of Jonathan Hochman (Holy Balm) and Matthew Hopkins (Naked On The Vague, Half High, solo artist). They previously performed, recorded, and released music together under the Hochman & Hopkins moniker, where their output was quite […]