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Gugg, Superstar, A Band Called Life – A Band Called Life 7” Launch, The Northcote Social Club, Northcote, VIC (2013-08-04)

This show was the launch of the new self-titled 7″ EP by A Band Called Life, compiled by the ever reliable Alberts Basement from a rehearsal recorded by the band in Tasmania back in 2004. The show was memorable for a variety of reasons that will soon become apparent as I go into more detail […]

The Clits, Angel Eyes, Superstar – Polyester Suck, The Tote, Collingwood, VIC (2013-07-20)

I had been pretty keen on this show since it was announced – I hadn’t seen Blank Realm before, really liked Per Purpose, and liked most of the other acts. Unfortunately, due to a few little annoyances (Terrible Truths pulling out, Per Purpose playing in the Cobra Bar rather than downstairs), the night probably wasn’t […]