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Bearded Iris – Tago Mago, Thornbury, VIC (2014-07-26)

BEARDED IRIS Total time 28mins. DOWNLOAD HERE Advertisements

Drunken Boat, Horse Mania, Ragtime Frank – Sunday School, The Public Bar, North Melbourne, VIC (2014-07-20)

DRUNKEN BOAT Total time 25mins. DOWNLOAD HERE HORSE MANIA Performing for the first time as a three piece with the addition of Jane (Bearded Iris), also on keys and vocals. New great songs, essential Horse Mania. Total time 35mins. DOWNLOAD HERE RAGTIME FRANK “Ragtime Frank, once of Brisbane, now of Hobart, ventures to Melbourne for […]

Boiled Dwarf, Encounter Group, Mad Nanna, Dag – Minimum Wage, The Grace Darling, Collingwood, VIC (2014-07-13)

Really amazing lineup; great show. BOILED DWARF Total time 23mins. DOWNLOAD HERE ENCOUNTER GROUP In which Encounter Group attempt to play their entire (amazing) album “a little bit faster”. Total time 34mins. DOWNLOAD HERE MAD NANNA First and (as of writing) only time I’ve seen Mad Nanna play without Pat. Quite a noisey set, as […]

Hierophants, Dick Diver – Morning Ritual, Copacabana, Collingwood, VIC (2014-07-06)


Coup d’etat, Fabulous Diamonds, Krakatau – Krakatau ‘Water Near A Bridge’ LP Launch, Hugs & Kisses, Melbourne, VIC (2014-07-04)

Coup d’etat Kane Ikin & Harvey Sutherland Total time 34mins. DOWNLOAD HERE FABULOUS DIAMONDS Total time 29mins. DOWNLOAD HERE KRAKATAU ‘Kuriere’ features guest Joshua Bach on Moog (played from sound desk). Total time 59mins. DOWNLOAD HERE

Nun, Peak Twins – White Hex ‘Gold Nights’ LP Launch, The Liberty Social, Melbourne, VIC (2014-06-28)

NUN 01 – Cronenberg 02 – Uri Geller 03 – Solvents 04 – Terrormaze 05 – Evoke The Sleep Total Time 24mins. DOWNLOAD HERE PEAK TWINS 01 – 02 – Waiting Room 03 – Got Woken Up 04 – The Dolphins 05 – Your Love 06 – Steppin’ Off 07 – China White 08 – […]

Striborg – Dark Mofo, The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart, TAS (2014-06-22)

Flyers were handed out for this show to people leaving the Sunn O))) show at the Odeon; to my knowledge this was the first that anyone had heard of it. Sin Nanna played an unannounced Striborg set between Void Ov Voices (Atilla Csihar solo) and the Mirage collaboration. He performed live vocals over pre-recorded drums […]