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Muura, Inevitable Orbit, The Curse, Crude – Alberts Basement Festival, Tape Projects, Carlton, VIC (2014-06-08)

Mickey does it again; possibly even better than the Albertsfest earlier in the year. Amazing space, amazing acts. Michael’s notes are in italics. I’ve split it up into two posts again to keep it manageable. MUURA “Long drones of wonder. Launching a 7″ on Alberts and also a new LP on Wormwood Grasshopper.“ Simply incredible. […]

Crude, Eastlink, Täx – Bar Open, Fitzroy, VIC (2013-08-29)

So anybody that follows my blog is likely to know by now that my dictaphone can be, at times, a little unreliable. Mostly this means blown out recordings that I have to go in and clean up in Audacity (to varying levels of success); this I can forgive. What I cannot forgive however is when […]