The Clits, Angel Eyes, Superstar – Polyester Suck, The Tote, Collingwood, VIC (2013-07-20)

Polyester Suck PosterI had been pretty keen on this show since it was announced – I hadn’t seen Blank Realm before, really liked Per Purpose, and liked most of the other acts. Unfortunately, due to a few little annoyances (Terrible Truths pulling out, Per Purpose playing in the Cobra Bar rather than downstairs), the night probably wasn’t as good as it could have been. Nevertheless there were still some awesome sets played by awesome bands. Per Purpose played an amazing set, that I did record, but unfortunately the Cobra Bar’s sound system was too much for the poor little dic and it freaked out, distorting on pretty much every kick drum hit. The Clits’ set also fucked up a bit, but at least I was able to salvage it by mixing it down to mono. I didn’t record Pearls or Blank Realm.

The Clits are always awesome – this show was no different. Unfortunately there’s something about the Cobra Bar that the dic just can’t handle, and there was a large amount of distortion on the drum hits. Thankfully this was only present in the right channel, so I was able to salvage the recording by making a mono mix from the left channel. It’s not the best sounding recording in the world, but I honestly don’t think it takes away from the set too much.

The Clits

01 – Hot Box
02 – 22 Past 5
03 – Bored Stiff
04 – Period Pains
05 –
06 – Maximum Joyride
07 – Zoo Song

Total time 27mins.

I’d never seen Angel Eyes live before, though I’d been meaning to for a while now, so I was quite looking forward to this set. I was impressed; I can see why so many people speak so highly of his live show. I think that there might be separate songs in here, but the entire set was so fluid that I thought it was best just to upload it as one file. Sound quality is really great on this one.

Angel Eyes

Total time 33mins.

I’d never seen Superstar live before, or even heard them on record, so I was very much going into this one with no idea what it would sound like. Superstar’s sound reminded me of some of the songs with vocals from the Twin Peaks soundtrack. Good sound quality on this set.


01 –
02 –
03 –
04 –
05 –

Total time 31mins.


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