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Sky Needle, Francis Plagne, Public Toilet Revisited, The Charles Ives Singers, Satanic Rockers – Albertsfest, Upper Canon, Richmond, VIC (2014-01-19)

SKY NEEDLE “2/3 of the band welcome home Alex Cuffe, to the stage life. We’re very lucky to be treated like this. SN recently released the excellent LP Debased Shapes you should purchase it.” One of the best. An essential download. 01 – 02 – 03 – Total time 20mins. DOWNLOAD HERE FRANCIS PLAGNE “In […]

Eva Collins & Allanah Stewart, The Vivids, Moffarfarrah, Josey Kidd-Crowe – Albertsfest, Upper Canon, Richmond, VIC (2014-01-19)

EVA COLLINS & ALLANAH STEWART “Not sure what these guys plan to play but I have a feeling.“ 01 – 02 – Total time 17mins. GET IT HERE THE VIVIDS “A pop band that is 1 portion Emma Jean and 1 portion Simon Krause. They’ve played in other bands like Hammering The Cramps, The Curse, […]

Michael Zulicki & Karl von B, Bearded Iris, Secret Valley, Dry Mouth – Albertsfest, Upper Canon, Richmond, VIC (2014-01-19)

This was an amazing show held in the Upper Canon art space. It marked somewhat of a return to show booking for Alberts Basement, which for a long while has operated primarily as a label and distro, but actually got it’s start organizing gigs (for more info on the origins of Alberts Basement (and Mad […]

Hyperborea, Cuntz – Cuntz Front Bar Residency #3, The Tote, Collingwood, VIC (2014-01-18)

I knew that I wanted to make it to at least one of the Cuntz front bar shows, and I picked this one because I’d seen part of a Hyperborea set before (as a duo) and wanted very much to see a full performance. Neither act disappointed; these are two of the best shows I’ve […]

Cowie/Morris, McIntyre/Stern – Make It Up Club’s 16th Birthday: Week Two, Bar Open, Fitzroy, VIC (2014-01-14)

Week two of Make It Up Club’s 16th birthday. Comments from the MIUC are included in the post. Both performances were recorded at quite low volume so they suffer from a bit of handling noise. Not too much though, mainly just at the start as I get my levels adjusted. Two amazing collaborations. COWIE/MORRIS “The […]