Full Ugly, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Zond – The Tote, Collingwood, VIC (2013-11-08)

Love Of Diagrams PosterI mainly went along to this show to see Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, who I hadn’t seen since the beginning of the year. I also was very keen to see Zond, a band who I had heard a lot about, but hadn’t yet seen myself. Unfortunately I couldn’t stick around to see Love Of Diagrams. Sound quality is pretty good – recorded from the same position as all other gigs at The Tote, so it sounds as good as they do.

Awesome pop band that have been around for a while now; pretty recenty put out a 7″ via Bedroom Suck, with an LP on the way. Unfortunately I missed the first couple of songs, but otherwise this is great stuff. Very much looking forward to that album. (Edit – Larry helped me out with the title of track 04 ‘I Was Nervous’; thanks Larry!)

Full Ugly

01 – Our Time
02 – Dinner
03 – Hanging Around
04 – I Was Nervous
05 – Oh Daddy
06 – Drove Down
07 –

Total time 23mins.

It’s great to have Craig back in Australia and playing gigs on a semi-regular basis. The (relatively) new band is fantastic; Gil Tucker’s performance on guitar in particular takes these songs to a whole different place, and it’s nice to be able to compare these versions with the studio originals. I can’t decide which version of Gammy Leg I like more. Pretty short set, but there’s some favorites in there and it’s an awesome performance.

S&C's Wedding

01 – Junk Shop
02 – Two Weeks
03 – Gammy Leg
04 –
05 – Jackie Boy
06 – Footscray Station

Total time 24mins.

As I said; I’m not super familiar with Zond, despite hearing and reading a great deal about them, and I’m yet to pick up a copy of their record. I am, however,  a massive fan of Justin Fuller’s other work and I can hear a lot of what I like about his solo material and guitar style in Zond. I’m not sure what these track titles are, but the band mention at the beginning of the set that they’re going to be playing new material so some of the tracks titles might be unknown anyway. (Edit – Adrian helped me with a heap f these track titles, thanks Adrian!)


01 – Road
02 – *False Start / Amp Repair*
03 – Marantz
04 – Stupid Gods
05 – End
06 –
07 –

Total time 35mins.


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