Dire Ears, Justin Fuller, Multiple Man – The Grace Darling, Collingwood, VIC (2013-11-03)

Multiple Man PosterWhile Multiple Man were down from Brisbane for Maggot Fest they put together this great lineup. Unfortunately I didn’t arrive in time to see any of Abstract Mutation’s set, and was unable to record Asp’s. The three sets I did record however sound pretty great. This night ran pretty early, so I was able to head down to Bar Open afterwards and catch Exhaustion (that set will go up very soon).

Dire Ears is the Leon O’Regan (The Bunyip Moon) in full on audience antagonism mode. This set was (aurally) quite different to the last one that I saw; much more rhythmic – less formless. Still a brutal-as-fuck, amazing sensory overload. Ends all too soon.

Dire Ears

Total time 6mins.

Justin Fuller goes all sorts of places in this god-damn exceptional forty-eight minute set. Last time I wrote about a JF solo set I think I said something to the effect of “equal parts massage and attack”, and this pretty much carries over here as well. Crude electronics mix with live samples of harmonica blasts and pummeling drum machines – Fuller does an end-of-the-world soundtrack better than anyone I know.

Justin Fuller

Total time 48mins.

Multiple Man have (to my ears) been gradually moving away from the more outwardly aggressive feel of their initial punk/industrial leanings and have moved towards a more subtle, discomforting sound. My favorite of their new material Legacy Issues is almost entirely instrumental, and creeps me the fuck out. Great stuff.

Multiple Man

01 –
02 –
03 – Spirit Level
04 – Surface Roads
05 – Legacy Issues
06 –

Total time 30mins.


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