Flyers were handed out for this show to people leaving the Sunn O))) show at the Odeon; to my knowledge this was the first that anyone had heard of it. Sin Nanna played an unannounced Striborg set between Void Ov Voices (Atilla Csihar solo) and the Mirage collaboration. He performed live vocals over pre-recorded drums […]

This show was held both upstairs and downstairs at The Odeon Theatre in Hobart. Nun played upstairs in a small room, Total Control played on the main stage. Native Cats played an amazing set upstairs before Nun, but I wasn’t able to get anywhere near a good enough position to be able to record them […]

This will be the first post of a few shows that I recorded whilst over in Tasmania for the Dark Mofo festival (and the first time the blog has ventured out of the state!) Being the Australian weirdo music nerd that I am, one of the big draws for this show was a chance to […]

This show was the launch of Internal Rot’s ‘Mental Hygiene’ LP. I was at the Hierophants show before this, so I missed the first few bands. NUN 01 – Solvents 02 – Terrormaze 03 – Kino 04 – Cronenberg 05 – Evoke The Sleep Total time 27mins. DOWNLOAD HERE STRAIGHTJACKET NATION This show was insane, […]

Hierophants were playing this show in support of Harry Howard and the NDE but I didn’t stick around for them; instead I wandered down to the Bendigo to see Nun and Straightjacket Nation. Heirophants are an amazing band, when it arrives in Febuary their album is going to blow everyone away (I’m sure of it). […]

I can’t remember why I didn’t stick around, but it was great to get a chance to see Gallah Gallah Gallah. GALLAH GALLAH GALLAH The band is the trio of Anthony Guerra (Love Chants, Your Intestines, Vodka Sparrows) and Pat O’Brien (Mad Nanna, Bearded Iris) on guitars and Nick Dan (xNoBBQx) on drums. Total time […]

LOVE CHANTS “It’s been about a year since last time. Launching a 12″ EP on RIP Society.“ Matt Earle started the set by playing drums with two branches, ended the set playing with a pair of scissors and an empty can. Always a pleasure to hear. 01 – Untitled II 02 – Flower 03 – […]