Cooper Bowman, Power, Constant Mongrel, Total Control – Hugs & Kisses, Melbourne, VIC (2014-06-27)

Total Control Poster

Sorry about the downtime, this is a show I’ve been looking forward to posting for a while. Hugs & Kisses is a shitty venue with shitty sound, but the quality of the lineup is amazing. This show has been all but confirmed to have been the final Total Control live performance, at least in the band’s current incarnation. There has been quite a bit of discussion already about this night; the show (and the Total Control set in paticular) had one of the most anti-social crowds I’ve ever been a part of. A whole lot of people I have never seen at gigs before (never a good sign), a high amound of drug use (usually not a problem, but it seemed to make some ugly situations uglier), and a few particularly hostile people made this show way less enjoyable than I think the band deserved.

Cooper in his analogue-house mode. See his cassettes on Future Archiac for refence. You probably already know I’m a big fan of Coop’s work; this set is no exception.

Cooper Bowman

01 –
02 –

Total time 18mins.

First time I’d seen Power, I think a pretty early set for them. Great band.


01 –
02 –
03 – Power
04 – Serpent City
05 –
06 –

Total time 23mins.

New 7″ should be here any day now. They just keep getting better.

Constant Mongrel

01 –
02 – In The Courts
03 – Hoarding
04 – Complete
05 –
06 – Under Collar (Little Boys)
07 – New Shapes
08 –

Total time 26mins.

Sound quality is pretty much what you’d expect; the bass levels in particular were fucked (it was like it that way on the night) and I had to do a bit of work getting it to a listenable quality, but I think it’s there. Special shoutout to the strung out hip fuckwit who deliberately tries to ruin the recording at a couple of points on some kind of anti-bootlegging crusade (it’s not even me who tells him to fuck off by the way, but the guy next to me). Same guy was later loudly bragging to everyone around him that he started a fistfight in the crowd, just to give you an idea as to the special kind of human trash we’re dealing with here. Dispite having to stop at multiple times to break up fights in the crowd (the story Mikey tells during his interview with The Vine happens during Systematic Fuck), the performance is pretty amazing. Stacey Wilson (Rites Wild, Terrible Truths) got some great video footage of the entire set; between that video and this audio we’ve got a pretty good document.

Total Control

01 – See More Glass
02 – Expensive Dog
03 – Retiree
04 – One More Tonight
05 – For Lease
06 – Sweaty
07 – Two Less Jacks
08 – Liberal Party
09 – Paranoid Video
10 – Systematic Fuck
11 – Black Spring

Total time 42mins.



  1. is the link for Cooper missing on purpose? id love to hear it again

    1. Yeah, it was removed by request. Sorry.

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