Striborg – Dark Mofo, The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart, TAS (2014-06-22)

Mirage PosterFlyers were handed out for this show to people leaving the Sunn O))) show at the Odeon; to my knowledge this was the first that anyone had heard of it. Sin Nanna played an unannounced Striborg set between Void Ov Voices (Atilla Csihar solo) and the Mirage collaboration. He performed live vocals over pre-recorded drums and guitar and was lit only by several large candles on stage. As far as I can tell from the research I’ve done, this show marks the second time Striborg has ever appeared live and the first in which he performed live vocals. I had no idea that this was going to happen, and he got on stage not long after Atilla had left, so I missed about a minute and a half while I ran back to my spot from the bar and waited for the dictaphone to turn on. Thankfully someone also got a pretty great video that started from the begining, so I was able to use the audio from that to fill in what was missing.


01 –
02 –
03 –
04 –

Total time 16mins.


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