Nun, Straightjacket Nation – The Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VIC (2014-06-14)

Internal Rot Poster
This show was the launch of Internal Rot’s ‘Mental Hygiene’ LP. I was at the Hierophants show before this, so I missed the first few bands.



01 – Solvents
02 – Terrormaze
03 – Kino
04 – Cronenberg
05 – Evoke The Sleep

Total time 27mins.

This show was insane, as I’m sure anyone that has been to a Straightjacket show can attest to. Sound quality is about what you’d expect; there was people moving around everywhere so at worst it’s a bit inconsistant. Not too bad though; I’ve listened to this set heaps. Sorry about the missing track titles, I’m missing a few of their earlier releases.

Straightjacket Nation

01 – *Soundcheck*
02 –
03 –
04 – Get in the Boot
05 – Coldwar
06 – Power It Up
07 – Nice Talk
08 –
09 – Nationalism
10 – 10k Chavs
11 – Child Care

Total time 22mins.


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