Drooling Mystics, Miracle Cure, Hyperborea – Cinema As Sound, Long Play, Fitzroy North, VIC (2014-04-24)

Cinema As Sound Poster

This show was organised by James Tom (of Hyperborea, Krakatau, Elevator Alligators). Long Play is an excellent venue, especially for shows that are appreciated better in an intimate, seated environment (such as this one). It’s pretty unique in that regard. Drooling Mystics played in the dark, the following two acts played with different films projected over them. This added greatly to the experience, as is the power of apophenia.

Drooling Mystics in ambient mode. Quite different to any material available online, but very good. Please forgive the handling noise in the beginning of the recording.

Drooling Mystics

Total time 31mins.

A new project of Stacey Wilson (Rites Wild, Regional Curse, Terrible Truths). Solo wah-wah g-tar over backing tracks. One of my favourite things that I’ve recorded in a long while, I’ve listened to this show on repeat for months and months. An essential download. A screening of the film Lemora originally accompanied this performance.

Miracle Cure

01 –
02 –
03 –

Total time 17mins.

Full band Hyperborea, with guitar and live drums. I’d previously only seen solo Hyperborea so it was interesting to hear these songs in full-band mode. Really fantastic band. A screening of the supermarket slasher film The Night Crew originally accompanied this performance.


01 –
02 –
03 –

Total time 42mins.


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