Beat Disease, Constant Mongrel, Ausmuteants – Ausmuteants ‘Amusements’ LP Launch, The Tote, Collingwood, VIC (2014-02-14)

Ausmuteants Poster

This show was the launch of the long-awaited Ausmuteants LP ‘Amusements’ (via the always reliable Aarght). Awesome lineup, all sets sound pretty great. I didn’t split the Beat Disease set because I don’t know any of the track titles anyway.

Not familiar with these guys, but they were good. I’m recognized the guy from Cuntz on guitar, but that’s about it.

Beat Disease

Total time 26mins.

Awesome set by C Mong as always. These new songs are fantastic – apparently they have a new 7″ coming on RIP Society soon. Looking forward to that. Tom Hardisty (Woollen Kits, Leather Towel, Nun) played with the band on synth for a couple of these songs.

Constant Mongrel

01 –
02 – Hoarding
03 – In The Courts
04 – Four Legs
05 – Under Collar (Little Boys)
06 – Perks And The Thrills (Pills)
07 – New Shapes
08 – Complete
09 –

Total time 24mins

Nice long one. They’ve stopped playing a few of these songs lately, so I’m glad I got a record of them. Any set with Nothing Rhythmic is good news.


01 – No Motivation
02 – Kicked In The Head By A Horse
03 – Ausmuteant
04 – Boiling Point
05 – Flushing Problems
06 – All Talk
07 – Fran Drescher’s Alien Abduction
08 – Nothing Rhythmic
09 –
10 – Tinnitus
11 – Pissing In Two Streams
12 – Felix Tried To Kill Himself

Total time 33mins.


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