Baked Light – Gertrude Contemporary, Fitzroy, VIC (2014-02-01)

Baked Light is the duo of Joel Stern (Sky Needle, Greg Boring, Soft Power ect…) and Tarquin Manek (Bum Creek, Piklet, Tarcar, Fingers Pty Ltd ect…). I first heard them on tape via Manek’s own Out of Mates Bait label and was super impressed, making note to try and catch them next time they performed. It’s tempting to describe Baked Light as a logical meeting point between Manek’s Bum Creek and Stern’s Sky Needle. Much like the latter, Baked Light’s ramshackle instrumentation gives the sound a tribal quality, and there is a strong feeling of playfulness in the delivery; much like the Bummers. I’m sure there’s much more going on, but it’s a start.

Further notes on the performance from the band;
“Sound performance by Tarquin Manek and Joel Stern at Gertrude Contemporary-Fitzroy inside Clare Milledge’s installation.
Formed in a moment of desperation, BAKED LIGHT continue age old debates about sounds pertaining to fizzy yoghurt, stomping in the dark, the free improvised exchange of ideas and lice.
Joel Stern – photovoltaic synthesizers, tapes, fx, various percussion
Tarquin Manek – frypan guitar, tube clarinet, tapes, fx, various percussion”

Baked Light

01 –
02 –

Total time 26mins.

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