Michael Zulicki & Karl von B, Bearded Iris, Secret Valley, Dry Mouth – Albertsfest, Upper Canon, Richmond, VIC (2014-01-19)

Albertsfest Poster

This was an amazing show held in the Upper Canon art space. It marked somewhat of a return to show booking for Alberts Basement, which for a long while has operated primarily as a label and distro, but actually got it’s start organizing gigs (for more info on the origins of Alberts Basement (and Mad Nanna) I highly recommend this interview). Michael wrote blurbs on each of the performers that I’ll include in the post. Unfortunately I had to leave before Tim Coster’s performance because I live quite far away from Richmond and had to catch the a tram home. I’m very happy with most of these recordings – it was a small room and I usually recorded from front and center, so it pretty much sounds as good as it did on the day. I’ll split the night up into three posts to keep it all manageable.

“A couple of tunes
Michael Zulicki (Mad Nanna, Mole House, Alberts Basement) on guitar, Karl von Bamberger (Hammering The Cramps, A Band Called Life, Horse Mania) on keys. Two beautiful songs.

MZ & KvB

01 –
02 –

Total time 14mins.

A band featuring Ora Ni, Tania Price and Joshi Jenkins, and perhaps more. Recent cassette Fuck Tha Polise is sold out and about to get re-issued, look out for a band recording laterz.”
Also featuring Pat O’brien on guitar.
Fantastic band, very different sound to last time.

Bearded Iris

01 –
02 – Pull
03 –
04 – Pearcy Peterson

Total time 14mins.

“Rentboy under a different name. Buy their new Cassette w Postcard and get ready to live the life that has their next album in it.
Dan Cross solo set.

Secret Valley

01 – The Night Life
02 – Streets Of Fitzroy
03 – You Will Never Be Satisfied
04 –
05 – Morning Star…

Total time 16mins.

“new project with a lovely name, Sean McMorrow and Cooper Bowman, recent tape “Astral Outback will finally be in their hands at this show…
Too many projects between them to mention. Very good. Bubbling tape loops, burping electronics. Dry mouth indeed.

Dry Mouth

Total time 19mins.


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