Hyperborea, Cuntz – Cuntz Front Bar Residency #3, The Tote, Collingwood, VIC (2014-01-18)

I knew that I wanted to make it to at least one of the Cuntz front bar shows, and I picked this one because I’d seen part of a Hyperborea set before (as a duo) and wanted very much to see a full performance. Neither act disappointed; these are two of the best shows I’ve recorded in recent memory and I still listen to them very often. Sound quality is about as good as you’re gonna get in the Tote front bar (which is surprisingly good!)

Hyperborea is an electronic project of James Tom, member of the fantastic prog band Krakatau amongst other things. I’d seen the band play once as a duo before this (with live drums) and saw them since as a trio (with live drums and guitar), but this solo performance is still my favorite. Beautiful, transporting synth passages with a perfect amount of Frizzi worship thrown in to keep it interesting. I can’t recommend this set enough, an essential download.


01 –
02 –

Total time 29mins.

One of my favourite punk bands in the country. The cover of Let Me Roll It is amazing. They played Whirlybird again as an encore but I’d already turned off the dictaphone, so only two performances will have to do.


01 –
02 – Bin Day
03 – ‘Ation
04 – Dog
05 – Whirlybird
06 –
07 – Hoonin’
08 – Hammer
09 – Whirlybird
10 – Let Me Roll It (Wings)

Total time 22mins.


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