Cowie/Morris, McIntyre/Stern – Make It Up Club’s 16th Birthday: Week Two, Bar Open, Fitzroy, VIC (2014-01-14)

MIUC Poster

Week two of Make It Up Club’s 16th birthday. Comments from the MIUC are included in the post. Both performances were recorded at quite low volume so they suffer from a bit of handling noise. Not too much though, mainly just at the start as I get my levels adjusted. Two amazing collaborations.

“The quixotically melodic minds behind Angel Eyes and Pikelet, namely Andrew Cowie and Evelyn Morris, come together to drift through the sonoverse on dreamy drones and ethereal tones in an audible cornucopia of pop-flavoured elation. | Andrew Cowie (Guitar) & Ev Morris (Piano, Percussion)”
From memory I think that the actual setup was Evelyn Morris on keys and Andrew Cowie on sampler and mixing desk. Fascinating performance.

Cowie Morris

Total time 18mins.

“New Zealander radio artist Sally McIntyre casts her receiver out into the imperceptibly omnipotent abyss of frequencies surrounding us, variously drawing in and transmitting out EVP of extinct birds, the void of defunct gallery spaces and the like, ably matched by the nihilistically nonentitative nullcore isms of Joel Stern. | Sally McIntyre [NZ] (FM transmitter & receivers, turntable, field recordings, bat detector & shortwave valve radio) & Joel Stern (Bits and Pieces of Nothing)”
An amazing, mystifying performance. Possibly one of the best MIUC shows I’ve ever seen.

McIntyre Stern

Total time 32mins.


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