Alan Bamford Musical Experience, Fingers Pty Ltd, Adolphin Hitler, No Star, :2, The Take/Arf Arf, Primitive Calculators – Primitive Calculators ‘The World Is Fucked’ LP Launch, The Toff, Melbourne, VIC (2013-12-07)

The most exciting thing about this show for me was not getting another chance to see Primitive Calculators (though I was very exited about that), but rather their decision to revisit their little bands concept to serve as supports for the event. I had been fascinated with the idea of the original ‘little bands’ gigs since first reading about it years ago, and the opportunity to see one in person was something I didn’t want to miss. Each little band played for about ten minutes and, with the exception of The Take/Arf Arf, had never performed together live before. Chapter Music provided info on each little band leading up to the event, which I will include in their respective posts. The Toff has a pretty nice sound system and I was able to get good recordings of most of the bands that played.

“Duo featuring little band hero Alan Bamford (who released the original Prim Calcs live LP in the early 80s) and Ollie Olsen (Whirlywirld/Hugo Klang/No etc).”

Alan Bamford Musical Experience

Total time 8mins.

“Trio featuring members of Bum Creek and Mole House.”
This band was made up of Carla dal Forno (Mole House, Tarcar), Sam Karmel (Bum Creek), and Tarquin Manek (Bum Creek, Tarcar, Pikelet, Baked Light, and others..) and was by far my favorite of all the little bands. After this show I was surprised to find that the band already had a tape out through Night People (which I promptly ordered) and they’ve continued to play shows after this event (including one I’ll post soon).

Fingers Pty Ltd

01 – *Soundcheck*
02 –
03 –

Total time 9mins.

“Trio featuring Ben Butcher (Baseball, High Tea etc), Sarah McKenna (Tangrams) on vocals and keys, and Rene Schaefer (Aktion Unit, the Bites etc).”
Featuring a lo-fi drum machine in (I think?) a lunchbox.

Adolphin Hitler

01 –
02 –
03 –

Total time 12mins.

“Quartet featuring Penny Ikinger (Wet Taxis, Sacred Cowboys etc) Don Rogers (Neumusak, Paul Kidney), Matt Gleeson (the Stabs) and Peter James (Iceage Productions, Wolf 359).”

No Star

01 –
02 – Sentimental Remembering Song

Total time 11mins.

“Duo featuring Stuart Grant of Prim Calcs.”
Re-interpretations of the songs of Sonny & Cher (something that Stuart and the rest of the Calcs have been known to dabble in in the past).


01 – *Soundcheck*
02 – The Beat Goes On
03 – Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
04 – I Got You Babe

Total time 13mins.

“Original little band with Frank Lovece of Primitive Calculators and Marisa Stirpe, doing spoken word improvisations.”
Delightful. I have a feeling that this performance wasn’t so much vocal improvisations however (as in what they were actually saying), as they both were reading off sheets of paper.

The Take/Arf Arf

01 –
02 –
03 –

Total time 10mins.

Absolutely incredible live band, these new songs rule. Unfortunately I had to shuffle around about halfway through this set after two girls (my guess is students of Stuart’s) pushed their way in front of me and talked throughout the entire performance, giggling each time every time he said cunt. I got away from them pretty quickly though, so no big loss.

Primitive Calculators

01 – Why
02 – Love
03 – Kill
04 – Cunt
05 – Dead
06 – No
07 – God
08 – Sick
09 – Nothing

Total time 58mins.



  1. Hi Sam – thank you for recording/documenting that magical evening. Without this one could say, it never happened. Charged with good elements of the past. You have recordings. How can we hear them? Many thanks again. best!

    1. Hi Marisa, thanks for the kind words. If you click on the “DOWNLOAD HERE” links underneath the photos of each band you will be able to download zip files containing the mp3s of the recordings. Hope you enjoy them!

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