Woollen Kits, Super Wild Horses, Bitch Prefect – Bitch Prefect ‘Birds Nerds’ LP Launch, The Tote, Collingwood, VIC (2013-12-06)

Bitch Prefect PosterThis was (obviously) a fantastic lineup, and turned out to be just as awesome a show as you’d expect. Aside from being the launch of Bitch Prefect’s ‘Birds Nerds’ LP, this was also the last Super Wild Horses Melbourne show, as announced a few days before the gig. All three bands played great sets, and the recording turned out awesome. Following the night, Twerps posted a Facebook status claiming it as the “hands down, best show of the year” which is about as good of a recommendation and anybody needs. Photos used in this post and the metadata were taken and edited by Molly Carew (used with her permission, thanks Molly).

It was nice to finally catch Woollen Kits again and get a solid recording of their current set. Much like last time, they played a couple of tracks that have yet (to my knowledge) show up on record, along with a whole lot of favorites. Melbourne streetpress The Music referred to the band as “Woollen Kits Bitch” in their listing for the gig, if you’re wondering what Tom is referencing. Really great set, definitely the best of theirs that I’ve seen.

Woollen Kits

01 – Sloan
02 – Blossom
03 – Back To You
04 – I Love You
05 – Be You
06 – Home
07 – Down Your Street
08 – Out Of Whack
09 – Susannah

Total time 29mins.

As stated in the intro, this was announced at the relatively last minute to be the final Super Wild Horses show in Melbourne (my guess is it would have been their last altogether had they not already been booked for Panama festival). As such, the band dubbed themselves “Super Wild Hearses” for this show (see what they did?) and were accompanied on stage for some songs by the “Psychedelic Babies“, two other women (I assume friends of the band) who sang back-up, played percussion and generally filled out the songs nicely. Really glad that I was able to document this; they were a fantastic band and will be sorely missed. This set was a great farewell.

Super Wild Horses

01 – You Have Two Feet (So Run)
02 –
03 – Heavy Step
04 – Ono In A Space Bubble
05 – Alligator
06 –
07 – Meant For Two
08 – Mess Around
09 – You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me (Smokey Robinson)
10 – Carolina
11 – Waikiki Romance
12 – I Want You

Total time 39mins.

Another fantastic Bitch Prefect performance, sound quality is really good and includes a great mix of old and new material. I love that they’ve been using End Of Time to open performances, rather than close as it does on the LP. The build up to Adelaide works beautifully. Plus, any performance that includes Shipped It is a winner in my book. Very, very good band.

Bitch Prefect

01 – End Of Time
02 – Adelaide
03 – Special Boy
04 – Bad Decisions
05 – University Fiend
06 – An Education (Feeling Lazy)
07 – Shipped It
08 – Bad Times
09 – Better Next Time
10 – Walk With Style
11 – Holiday In America

Total time 34mins.


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