Total Control – All Tomorrow’s Parties: Release The Bats, The Prince Bandroom, St. Kilda, VIC (2013-10-26)

Release The Bats PosterThis Total Control show was one of three recordings that I did at ATP: Release The Bats. The other two were UV Race and Twerps, both recorded near-front and centre at the Palais Theatre. However I’m not used to recording in large venues and was really unhappy with how the recordings turned out (really distant and echo-y), so I’ve decided not to post them. I really don’t think the recordings do the performances justice. This Total Control set, however, I was much happier with (recorded at the much, much smaller Prince Bandroom). It’s not perfect (I had to drop it back to mono a couple of times to fix some pretty bad distortion in the right channel, and DX’s vocals are a bit low in the mix), but I think that the performance really shines through anyway. Seriously, every chance to see Total Control play is a gift and this show was no different. Really really incredible, with the added bonus of getting a preview of some tracks (presumably) from the upcoming LP Typical System. As an aside, if you haven’t heard the amazing live-to-air performance of Long Flowing Cape on 3RRR then you also need to check that out (it starts at about 1hour, 39min into the stream). (Edit – Rich filled in the gaps of the track titles for me, thanks Rich.)

Total Control

01 – Glue (SS Decontrol)
02 – Retiree
03 – One More Tonight
04 – Carpet Rash
05 – 2 Less Jacks
06 – Sweaty
07 – Chill Al
08 – Nervous Harvest
09 – Expensive Dog
10 – See More Glass

Total Time 35mins.


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