Wet Blankets, Pronto, Ausmuteants – Ausmuteants “100 Ausmuteants Fans Can’t Be Wrong…” 7″ Launch, The Grace Darling, Collingwood, VIC (2013-10-25)

Ausmuteants PosterThis show, held in the basement of The Grace Darling, was the launch of the second Ausmuteants 7″. Released on the ever-reliable Anti Fade Records, record’s full title is “100 Ausmuteants Fans Can’t Be Wrong … 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can”, and is four Mikey Young supervised re-recordings of tracks from their first home-recorded album. The Grace Darling basement is an awesome venue, but it’s PA is basically a house party setup; keep that in mind when listening to these recordings. They’re not bad, but they’re not great either – vocals often get buried, and overall it’s a bit muddy. Occasional distortion, nothing too bad. All three sets are great.

This was the third ever Wet Blankets show, and their first show in a proper venue. The main difference between this show and the one I posted previously is that Jake Robertson (Ausmuteants, Leather Towel, Hierophants, Frowning Clouds) is playing guitar instead of Zak Olsen (Hierophants, Frowning Clouds, Bonniwells, Turtlenecjk), who couldn’t make it to the show. Still as kick-ass as ever, these guys fucking rule. Apparently some home recordings have been done and may be coming out soon – I really hope so.

Wet Blankets

01 –
02 –
03 –
04 –
05 – Dieda Caught My Bus
06 –
07 –
08 –

Total time 18mins.

Another awesome Pronto set. These guys have been playing a fair bit around town, so if you haven’t seen them yet you really have no excuse. Haven’t heard anything about a release yet, but I assume it’s just a matter of time until they put something together.


01 – Soldier
02 – Kiss Riff
03 – Red Flag
04 –
05 – Communist Radio
06 – Sick Of You
07 – When You’re Gone
08 – Cops
09 – Shut Up

Total time 19mins.

Ausmuteants are one of my favorite live bands in the country, and this show is as pretty much as good as you’d expect. They recently put out their first ‘proper’ album through legendary local label Aarght and it’s amazing – if you don’t have it already go out now and get a copy. Unfortunately this set suffers from occasional slight-distortion in the right channel. An amount that is infrequent and light enough not to worry about mixing the show down to mono, but still annoying enough that I feel I should mention it.


01 – Nothing Rhythmic
02 – Daylight Robbery
03 – Bad Day
04 –
05 – Ausmuteant
06 – Kicked In The Head By A Horse
07 – Felix Tried To Kill Himself
08 – Tinnitus
09 – Pissing In Two Streams
10 – Flushing Problems
11 –
12 – Fran Dresher’s Alien Abduction

Total time 35mins.


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