Bum Creek, Mole House – Mole House 7″ Launch, The Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood, VIC (2012-03-01)

Mole House Poster

I recently re-discovered this show, and a couple more that I plan to post shortly, on an old hard-drive. I thought I had lost them when a computer died, but it turns out I had done a backup (and then completely forgotten about it). These are some of the very first recordings that I did with the dictaphone, and as a result they’re pretty rough. I actually did a full recording of The Clits’ set, and a partial recording of Full Ugly’s, but I had pretty much no idea what I was doing and both recordings were ruined. The Bum Creek and Mole House sets here both required quite a bit of cleaning up, but I’m for the most part pretty happy with how they’ve turned out. The performances are definitely worth the work; both sets are absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately I didn’t have the foresight to take photos of the bands, and haven’t been able to dig any up – if you have any photos from the show you’d be happy for me to use then please get in touch. In place of photographs I’ve just used the wonderful poster art.

6ÃGÒ ÊÉ9l o‘ ¹g9êM I< ð«%Ì«d… Ë ùœN%×v‚² üÏØxw…0ùF ëƒNKV ßÿóûŽ çÅ^(ñM¦»äÛø §ZÚ°&ã öÙ  sówÆ~¦¸$ñÿ ‹ÿ ±ÈñN ®ò¼Ò€ZþR @qü^•¯ñì?Œo‘NÅ@¤D209 ‘¹ÎOã^k¥ Äóhídt˜ ÃŒq¸ ò|zWez5 ê­’“üÙù ®+¥[‡§ƒ ¤©¥)Y]¹ (·oKo¹è ºŒ¼]o¥ iDxƒSÝ- ŠÊò}®E,ù< ðyé\ý¯‹|ew¬ µµ×‹õ¦Ø âúBW 8ñV| DPhP6f¹K c? p䞤sY> Íæ±yw wµæŒH ¤(AØG  tô® œdaM Ô›ÓE÷èx ¹&UŒÍ( ááýéNí¾Ï «ôèkéú¯Œ µm+R¾þ ³m ¦ÛÉ’[ ©9ô±õ s]†ú%›^ Ôf<±g¸v=ry ë]M½Í ½Ÿ‚ õÇß´l‹#Ôî® [Ϫj¸³B ±™ ¸Ç Ê´^ ô!RK –ý _Þ{¹ 6 Rêà éÉβ œUïÓ – /å­ Í»KíSPñXEss )û­ç ¯” Ø=}q øÔö³Ç ek«} qæù…¸• ÑO?¥ lxUà Žêö(cÄ Ÿb”‡ þ&.

Total time 28mins.

This would be the first and only (as of the time of writing) time I ever saw the excellent Mole House live. Though following this show I obsessed over their recordings (which includes the 7″ they were releasing on this night via Quemada Records, a live cassette through Alberts Basement, and two cassettes through legendary US tape labels Night People and Goaty Tapes), every chance I got to see them fell through for one reason or another. They have recently put out a second 7″ through US label All Gone, which I hope might mean a few more live appearances here and there. For those who aren’t familiar with them, Mole House is the trio of Carla dal Forno (Tarcar, Fingers Pty Ltd), Michael Zulicki (Mad Nanna, Silk Ears, Alberts Basement records) and Pat Breen (White Woods). For the most part, what you end up with is funnily enough a pretty logical meeting point between Mad Nanna, White Woods and Carla’s other projects (though Carla’s other projects would (I think) form after Mole House, and are considerably synthier, some of the dreamier Mole House songs occupy similar spaces). Quemada put it pretty well when they said “A bit more jangle and hook than your typical date with Mad Nanna, but a bit sloppier than a make-out session with White Woods”. A personal highlight of the set is the amazing performance of I Don’t Dare To Try, a song which has been a near constant fixture on any mixtape of mine since its recording was released. I’m proud to give this recording a wider audience, it sure as hell deserves it.

01 –
02 – Hey Come My Way
03 – High Tide
04 – Taylor’s Mistake
05 – Coming Back + Coming Over
06 – Showers And Rain
07 – I Don’t Dare To Try
08 – How To Swim

Total time 35mins.


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