Old Mate – Old Mate 7” Launch, The Grace Darling, Collingwood, VIC (2013-10-18)

Old Mate PosterThe first time I saw Old Mate was earlier this year at the Gaso; they were supporting Divorced (at what was apparently the last Divorced show), and they fucking blew me (and everybody I was with) away. Since then I picked up a copy of their Word Is Bond EP, which is also staggeringly good (and is to this day inevitably one of the first things to be put on the stereo in any type of party situation), and had been desperately keeping an eye on upcoming Melbourne shows. The band seems to be centered around Pat Telfer, who is probably best known for drumming in Bitch Prefect and creating some great video clips for Peak Twins and the like. This particular show was the Melbourne launch of their new self-titled 7″ out on Major Crimes Records (also highly recommended). It was a really, really good show, and was mixed excellently so it sounds amazing. Palm Springs and Summer Flake also played, but I was running super low on battery so didn’t record them.

Old Mate

01 – Seen It Happening
02 – Throwin’ Down
03 – Bad Situation
04 – Requesting Permission
05 –
06 – I Think Of You
07 – The Alma
08 – I Got Fired

Total time 33mins.


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