Leather Towel, Rat Columns, Constant Mongrel – The Gasometer, Collingwood, VIC (2013-10-04)

Rat Columns PosterI’d been looking forward to this show for a long while – I’d been a massive fan of Rat Columns’ main man David West’s other (there are many, including Total Control and Lace Curtain) project Rank/Xerox since the band’s sole LP was reissued by a couple of different European labels. My (re)discovery of that amazing album coincided with the announcement of this show, and piqued my interest in Rat Columns; West’s more pop-oriented project. Add to the mix that Leather Towel are a consistently amazing live band and Constant Mongrel have released one of the best albums of the year and you have one god-damn kick-ass gig.

There’s not a whole lot I can say about Leather Towel that I haven’t said on one of the five other posts about the band – I’ve probably seen them more than any other band this year (apart from maybe Mad Nanna), and for good reason. They’re really, really fucking good.

Leather Towel

01 – Leather Towel
02 – Growing Pain
03 – Nacho Chips
04 – Siding With Yoko
05 – I Like Love
06 – Mean Girls
07 – Leather Towel
08 – Slug Guys
09 – Too Much On My Mind
10 – Sliders
11 – Food Poisoning II
12 – Progress
13 – Natural Disasters

Total time 23mins.

Before going to this show I admittedly hadn’t spent a great deal of time with the Rat Columns record – I’d picked up a copy a few days before and only had the chance to listen to it once. As the record features some quite distinctive production qualities, this set obviously switches a few of these songs in to a more conventional rock-band mode. Interestingly enough Mikey Young was playing guitar, and I’m pretty sure that it was James Vinciguerra on bass drums (thanks Alex), which if I’m correct means that this show featured all members of Lace Curtain. Which is, you know, pretty cool.

Rat Columns

01 –
02 – Death Is Leaving Me
03 – Nearsighted
04 – Darkness
05 – I Wonder
06 –
07 –
08 –

Total time 29mins.

Constant Mongrel, after releasing what may be one of the most cruelly underrated albums of 2012 in Everything Goes Wrong, have been finally getting some well deserved attention after releasing this year’s god-damn instant classic Heavy Breathing. My copy is already kinda fucked after being on almost constant rotation for the past three months. This gig was just as great as you would expect – an essential download. Sounds fuckin’ great too; full credit goes to the sound guy for that.

Constant Mongrel

01 – Perks And The Thrills (Pills)
02 – In The Courts
03 – Hoarding
04 –
05 – Cyclone Yasi
06 – Choked
07 – Under Collar (Little Boys)
08 –
09 – Complete

Total time 22mins.



  1. hey buddy james was on guitar i was on the bass for RC. glad you recorded the show, that leather towel set was one of the best things, this internet site is sick.

  2. i mean james was on drums.

    1. Ahh awesome! Thanks! 😀 Glad you like it, it was an awesome gig.

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