Leather Towel, Eastlink, Exhaustion – Monday Night Mass, Northcote Social Club, Northcote, VIC (2013-09-23)

Exhaustion MNM PosterOne of the best masses in a very long time. The legendary Brian Turner of New Jersey radio station WFMU DJ’d on the night (if you haven’t heard his live session with Mad Nanna then listen to that now. Amazing.), and I can’t think of many bands that would be this good of a showcase of Melbourne music.

Another great Towel show, sound quality is pretty damn good too. Look at the other posts from some more in depth love; rest assured they’re amazing. Bring on that LP.

Leather Towel

01 – Leather Towel
02 – Growing Pain
03 – Nacho Chips
04 – Siding With Yoko
05 – I Like Love
06 – Mean Girls
07 – Leather Towel
08 – Slug Guys
09 – Too Much On My Mind
10 – Sliders
11 – Food Poisoning II
12 – Progress
13 – Natural Disasters

Total time 22mins.

This is a really, really good Eastlink set. Set ended via exploding amplifier, which has probably set the bar for future Eastlink gigs. A few of these new track names might be working titles; I’ve mostly gone for what’s been yelled out at the start of songs from this gig and others. Again, really looking forward to that long-rumored In The Red LP. Fingers crossed.


01 – Why Three
02 – Wild Dog
03 – Spring St
04 – Australia Day
05 – Gina
06 –

Total time 24mins.

Another amazing Exhaustion set. Again, they had Ian Wadley filling in for Jensen on bass guitar. This new stuff is incredible – word around is that they have a new LP coming around soon; I for one am very, very excited about it.


01 –
02 –
03 –
04 –
05 –

Total time 29mins.


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