Nokes & Cook, Noematic Oblivion, Bleach Boys, Match Fixer – Sabbatical Presents: Holdings Opening, Holdings, Pasco Vale, VIC (2013-09-15)

Sabbatical Presents Holdings Opening PosterBack when I was still in high school and living much too far away from Melbourne to hope to go to 99% of the interesting things that I wanted to, Sabbatical was like a lifeline. I’d check their blog multiple times a week, hoping that they would have another physical release or documentation of a live show for me to devour from afar. Naturally when I made my permanent move to Melbourne one of the first things I did was see when the next Sabbatical show was. That show was the 2013 International Noise Conference; an amazing gig and one of my main motivations to start documenting this stuff. It was a pleasure to be able to make it to this show and finally get a Sabbatical gig up on the blog. This was the opening of Holdings, a new space in Pasco Vale that I assume is going to replace KIPL as Sabbatical headquarters. Sabbatical themselves have put a recording of this show up on their Soundcloud for anybody who wants to hear this stuff from a different angle.

Nokes & Cook is the duo of Jonathon Nokes (Hamburger Lady, Wrong Room) and Markus Cook (Deafult Jamerson). This set is absolutely hypnotizing; together Nokes & Cook start with a sequence and subtly modify it, taking this mathematical mantra and slowly twisting it, pulling out fibres and drawing attention to every individual element. Beautiful stuff.

Nokes & Cook

Total time 24mins.

Of all the acts at this show, I find Noematic Oblivion hardest to describe. Decidedly minimalist, though at times overwhelmingly oppressive, this set is best listened to very loud with headphones. Broken electronics scream and faulter, drums pound from miles away, and all the while a perverse siren rings out triggering a panic from deep in your guts. It’s all over before you have a chance to fully process it.

Noematic Oblivion

Total time 9mins.

Solo project of Maya-Victoria Kjellstrand. Pure sound, waves of it shimmer and ring. Kind of like being startled by the sun. Like a lot of drone, it’s at times both calming and intrusive. Listen closely and you can hear the cassettes being sled in and out of aging walkmen.

Bleach Boys

Total time 17mins.

Compared to the last Match Fixer set this feels harsher, more agressive, as if Andrew Cowie knew this particular audience would be able to deal with a bit more punishment then your regular Thursday-night-at-the-pub crowd. Just as amazing as always, it was nice to see a different side come out. Very excited to see where this all goes into the future.

Match Fixer

Total time 27mins.


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