Justin Fuller, Bitch Prefect – Bitch Prefect ‘Adelade’ 7″ Launch, The John Curtain, Carlton, VIC (2013-09-14)

Bitch Prefect PosterIt’d been a little while since Bitch Prefect had played a show down this way, and they’re always a pleasure. Constant Mongrel were supposed to support, but had to pull out and were replaced by Deaf Wish – disappointing because their latest album is phenomenal and its launch devastatingly clashed with the New Centre of the Universe Vol. 2 launch. Deaf Wish played a fantastic set in their stead, but unfortunately it totally blew out the dictaphone beyond any post-recording tinkering. I’m happy to report however that the two sets here each sound great.

At this stage Justin Fuller needs no introduction; both as a member of some of Melbourne’s most interesting bands of the past decade and a solo artist of considerable note, Fuller has left his stain on the Melbourne music scene like few others have. As somebody who is a relatively recent resident, I have unfortunately been unable to track his progress as a solo artist until this stage (take a look at DX’s writing on Fuller’s amazing Sabbatical-released cassette for a much more informed and interesting take on his solo material than I could ever provide). What I can tell you however is that this set was fucking incredible. Absolutely absorbing, mind numbing, enthralling – equal parts aural massage and assault.

Justin Fuller

Total time 32mins.

As I said in the intro; it’s always a pleasure to see Bitch Prefect play. They played a few new songs that I assume will turn up on their upcoming LP; if they’re anything to go by then it’ll be an excellent record. I’m really looking forward to it, and really enjoyed this set – a fuckin’ good band.

Bitch Prefect

01 – Holiday In America
02 – Adelaide
03 – For A While
04 –
05 – Walk With Style
06 –
07 –
08 – Guess The Person
09 – Bad Decisions
10 – Better Next Time

Total time 33mins.


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