Velvet Whip, Pronto, Ooga Boogas – Ooga Booga BBQ, Northcote, VIC (2013-09-14)

Ooga Booga BBQ Poster

This was really awesome – three great bands in a backyard in Northcote + beer + BBQ. Lots of denim jackets. I didn’t win the raffle, but drank a lot of beers to try and increase my chances. It rained a little bit and I had to make an impromptu umbrella for the dictaphone with my hand. Considering these sets were recorded outside in the threatening-to-rain, they sound great.

Grotesque, nauseating, and filthy.  Velvet Whip straddle that line between punk and disgusting gutter noise excellently – as soon as the saxophone came out I was sold. Featuring members of Constant Mongrel, Pathetic Human, Nun, Headless Death and others. It took little over ten minutes for the cops to come and shut it down. They have a cassette out through Cool Death that I’ve since picked up and been thrashing.

Velvet Whip

01 – Joy Ride
02 –
03 –
04 – Vasectomy
05 – Licorice Stick
06 – Computer Love

Total time 13mins.

I’d seen Pronto play just the night before at the Living Eyes’ LP launch; both that set and this was as great as always. Most of these track titles are eavesdropped, so I’m not certain I heard them all correctly. (Edit – set list is now complete below, you’ll have to update the mp3s yourself.)


01 – Kiss Riff
02 – Soldier
03 – Cry
04 – Red Flag
05 – Communist Radio
06 – Sick Of You
07 – When You’re Gone
08 – Cops
09 – Shut Up

Total time 19mins.

I don’t really know what to say about the Boogas that hasn’t been already; they’re one of the best the country has, no doubt at all. This set fucking ruled – they played for nearly an hour, whatever they felt like playing. So many awesome tracks that I hadn’t had a chance to hear them play live yet (Ooga Booga II was an early personal highlight). Plus they ended with an awesome version of FYI (check out Mikey’s amazing synth doodling).

Ooga Boogas

01 –
02 – Circle Of Trust
03 – Ooga Booga II
04 – Archie & Me
05 – Rich ‘n’ Me
06 – Oogie Boogie II (The Hobo Hoedown)
07 – Neon Sunset
08 – Eisbær
09 – Mind Reader
10 – Kiss Your Rocks Goodbye
11 – A Night To Remember
12 – The Octopus Is Back
13 – Diggin’ A Hole
14 – FYI

Total time 58mins.



  1. yo dude – first two pronto tracks are KISS RIFF and SOLDIER

      1. yr welcome. cheers for the recording!

  2. Ooga Boogas Track 12, is ‘The Octopus is back’. Featuring the great couplet, ” i only feel alive when im scared of being dead’.

    1. Awesome, thank you.

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