Beige Rainbow, Warpigs, Tlaotlon, Bearded Iris, Smash Tennis – Electric Cultures IV, The Old Bar, Fitzroy, VIC (2013-09-05)

Electric Cultures IVAfter the success of Electric Cultures III, I made sure to keep my eye on Fallopian Tunes to stay updated as to what night the next of their monthly shows would be held. This lineup was absolutely just as good as the last, again with a nice eclectic mix of experimental and weirdo musicians doing their thing (some more experimental and weird than others). Audio quality is great, though (like last time) The Old Bar’s sound system was occasionally peaking and distorting.

Beige Rainbow are an poppy/electronic duo that have been floating around the periphery for a while now. I’d never had a chance to see them until this gig – the drummer(?) was playing a hacked and duct taped Guitar Hero drum kit. Actually, now that I think of it there’s an air of ‘video-gameyness’ to a lot of their sound – the synth in their cover of ‘He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)’ sounds like it’s coming straight out of a brick Gameboy. Honestly, a lot of what they were doing isn’t really my kind of thing – heaps of people in the room were getting into it in a big way though, so what do I know.

Beige Rainbow

01 –
02 – *Technical Difficulties*
03 – This Weight Of Gravity Is Unsafe
04 –
05 – Fun (Thought Criminals)
06 – Fists Out 4 The Boyz
07 – He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss) (The Crystals)

Total time 40mins.

Brian and Michael O’Dwyer play together as Warpigs; an instrumental guitar and drum duo. To my (admittedly not very familiar with the genre) ears it sounded very post-rock, with a decidedly darker edge than other examples I was familiar with. Strong elements of minimalism and drone co-mingle with, and occasionally explode into, cacophonous walls of noise.


Total time 28mins.

Solo project of Jeremy Coubrough, whom I’m only familiar with as (I think) the drummer from Encounter Group. Tlaotlon layers mismatched drum beats, synth lines and samples together to create a big gelatinous glob of amazing sound. Sounds that at first can be jarring slowly draw you in, and before long you’re thinking in Tlaotlon. Utterly mesmerizing.


01 –
02 –
03 –
04 –

Total time 27mins.

My prior knowledge of Bearded Iris was simply that they (or more specifically, she) had a cassette out on Alberts Basement (always a good sign), said cassette featured appearances by Lynton Denovan of Satanic Rockers and Encounter Group, and that overall it was quite well received. So I was keeping my eye out for it, but hadn’t yet found my own copy. I had no idea Bearded Iris would be this good. This could be one of my favorite my gigs of the year (at lest from a “what the fuck this is awesome” viewpoint); completely baffling, plodding, a-tonal, wonderful, hilarious, amazing weirdo rock. Apparently this was their “first real live gig”. I really need that tape now.

Bearded Iris

01 – Pull
02 –
03 –
04 – Pearcy Peterson

Total time 12mins.

Smash Tennis were actually one of my motivation’s for starting this blog in the first place – their performance at the 2013 International Noise Conference inspired me to recorded everything I saw, lest I miss something that awesome again. They were absolutely amazing, as expected, and I’m really glad I finally got the chance to document their live show. Samaan Fieck manipulates guitar and 1/4 inch tape while Llara Isabell Arena plays with (I think) cassettes and live percussion. Quite different to their recorded material; one of my favorite Melbourne live bands.

Smash Tennis

Total time 11mins.


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