Wet Blankets, Ausmuteants, Hierophants, The Living Eyes – Anti Fade Arvo, Pan Studios, Geelong, VIC (2013-08-31)

Anti Fade Arvo PosterI’ve professed my love for Anti Fade Records before; none of this love has diminished in the time since. Consistently awesome. This was a fantastic lineup and thankfully I had already planned to go stay with my family for a few days, so it wasn’t a problem to sneak into Geelong for this gig. Pan Studios has been around for a while, but only recently they have set up a stage and started doing BYO shows there. It’s a really awesome set up – Geelong has needed a place like this since The Nash closed down and I hope it keeps going. Everything sounds great (except a little distortion in the Wet Blankets set); props to the sound guy Trav for such a good mix.

Wet Blankets is a very new band fronted by Zane Gardner, the younger brother of Anti Fade’s main man Billy Gardner (Living Eyes, Ausmuteants). Prior to Wet Blankets, Zane was probably best known as the guy who does a lot of Anti Fade’s very distinctive art (including posters and the awesome cover art of New Centre of the Universe Vol. 2). Wet Blankets also includes members of Living Eyes and Hierophants. This was Wet Blankets’ first show. Wet Blankets were fucking awesome.

Wet Blankets

01 –
02 –
03 –
04 –
05 –
06 –

Total time 13mins.

This is one of the best sets I’ve put up yet. I’d been wanting to record an Ausmuteants show since the very beginning of this blog, but a combination of them not playing many gigs and missing the ones that they do meant that I didn’t have a chance to until now. Totally worth the wait. I’d seen Ausmuteants plenty of times before, experienced the lineup changes and subtle shifts in style – never before had I seen them play with such aggression; such raw fucking power. It seems that Jake’s recent foray into playing regular Leather Towel shows may have rubbed off on his approach to Ausmuteants. So, so good. Look out for their album coming soon on Aarght; it’s one that I am personally very excited about.


01 – Bad Day
02 –
03 – Fed Through A Tube
04 – Ausmuteant
05 – All Talk
06 – Fran Drescher’s Alien Abduction
07 – Kicked In The Head By A Horse
08 –
09 – Tinnitus
10 –

Total time 26mins.

Much like Anti Fade, I’ve written of my love for Hierophants before – nothing’s changed. Hierophants still rule, this set is no different. I wish they would release a fucking album already; more people need to hear this stuff.


01 – Nothing Neu
02 –
03 – I Looked Too Far Into It Again
04 – Teddy Says
05 – I Don’t Mind
06 –
07 – The Clits
08 – Logging Off
09 – No Sympathy
10 –

Total time 29mins.

Living Eyes are another band that I’d been meaning to record for quite some time, but hadn’t had the chance since the blog started up. Great garage band who’ve been ruling the Geelong underground for years and have only recently started getting the attention they deserved all along. Their debut album is one of the best garage LPs of the year and is heartily recommended, however their latest 7″ ‘Eat It Up’ may be the best thing they’ve done yet – Up And At Them indeed.

Living Eyes

01 – Up And At Them
02 – Outta Doubt
03 –
04 – Eat It Up
05 –
06 – Ways To Make A Living
07 – One Million Miles A Minute
08 – Slave Labor
09 – Cry In Shame
10 –

Total time 27mins.


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