The Sulphur Lights, Wonderboy, Leather Towel, Counsellor Of Aging, The Towelheads – New Centre Of The Universe Vol. 2 Launch, The Grace Darling, Collingwood, VIC (2013-08-17)

Anti Fade Comp Launch Poster

Anti Fade is one of my favorite labels in Australia and for good reason – since the first cassette release back in 2011 Anti Fade have been the source of some of the best punk and garage that the (no longer) unappreciated Geelong, Melbourne and Australia has to offer. Pretty much everything Billy puts out is gold, and his latest compilation (the Australia-wide sequel to last year’s Geelong and Melbourne centric New Centre of the Universe Vol. 1) stands up with the best of them. This show was held to celebrate the release of said cassette compilation, and had an awesome lineup. There’s quite a few sets missing from this night, and the audio quality varies pretty wildly from band to band, but most sets are worth checking out.

Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot from The Sulphur Lights. Their contribution to the comp tape was hardly one of its highlights (not bad by any means, just not notable), and their band name is pretty terrible. They were, however, fucking awesome and probably the best surprise of the entire night. Of course, you could chalk that up to my laziness and ignorance (a quick look and their Soundcloud shows they’ve had some really nice demos up for a while now), but it was a nice surprise all the same. Great bratty garage punk. Good sound quality on this one also.

The Sulphur Lights

01 – Little Pills
02 – Cowboy
03 –
04 – Beat You Up
05 – Why
06 – Nothing
07 – Kill Everyone
08 – Thunderbird ESQ
09 –

Total time 23mins.

Wonderboy is the new project of Lucas Heenan, frontman of everyone’s favorites The Clits. This set was pretty insane, purely in terms of on-stage banter (which is hardly surprising – Lucas is weird enough at Clits shows, and the other members of that band have had years of practice reining him in). He spent the last few minute of their scheduled set counting down the time till they were supposed to finish, and then refused to stop playing until everyone had left the room. There’s some really good songs in here too, pretty different from Clits stuff. I recognized one of the guys from Chook Race on guitar. Good sounding set.


01 –
02 – Some Kinda Love
03 – The Riff Song
04 – Pale Blue Eyes (The Velvet Underground)
05 –
06 – *B-52’s Jam*
07 – Always On Time (Chook Race)
08 –
09 – Louie Louie (The Kingsmen)

Total time 37mins

I’ve kinda said all there is to say about Leather Towel by this stage – they’re fucking awesome. This set’s no different, but I’m not really happy with how it sounds. Leather Towel have a habit of fucking up the dic most times I see them because they play so hard, but this set suffers from distortion more than most. I cleaned it up a little bit, and it sounds much better than it did. I wouldn’t recommend downloading it as your first Leather Towel show though, purely because I’m much happier with how the other sets sound. This band rules.

Leather Towel

01 – Leather Towel
02 – Growing Pain
03 – Nacho Chips
04 – Siding With Yoko
05 – I Like Love
06 – Mean Girls
07 – Leather Towel
08 – Slug Guys
09 – Too Much On My Mind
10 – Sliders
11 – Food Poisoning II
12 – Progress
13 – Natural Disasters

Total time 23mins.

Counsellor of Aging is a new project from Marc Dean; frontman of The Bonniwells and bassist of Ausmuteants. Very cool outsider synthpunk featuring Clits drummer Sequoia Harris on synth bass and awesome live drums with robot-man precision. Very different to what we heard on the comp tape; much more aggressive. Recording sounds great.

Counsellor Of Aging

01 –
02 – Art Hog
03 –
04 –
05 –
06 –
07 – The Dignity of the Womb
08 –

Total time 21mins.

I almost didn’t upload this set, but so many people downloaded the last Turtlenecjk set that I thought maybe some of you might enjoy this despite its shortcomings. I really like Turtlenecjk, I do. I’ve spent heaps of time pouring over his massive amount of home recordings, and enjoyed it all. I’ve been to plenty of Turtlenecjk shows and thought they were fantastic. However, this set is absolute rubbish. Probably due to a combination of failing equipment, the fact that frontman Adrian had, by his own admission, “[not] slept since Wednesday” (the gig was a Saturday night), and increasing frustration with the mix, he seemed to give up on the show altogether. I’d say this one’s for the Turtlenecjk hardcore only – if you want to hear what the live show sounds like I’d recommend downloading the older Barwon Club set I’ve already got up here, or waiting for one I recorded a week or so later (should be up soon).


01 –
02 – The Same
03 – Give It A Rest
04 – Best Of Moods (Vacation)
05 – Brekkie Bong
06 – Girl Talk
07 –
08 –
09 – Trip On

Total time 28mins.

What’s even more fun than watching The Towelheads play is watching the reactions of people who haven’t seen them before – reactions range from nervous laughter to genuine shock and offense, which is pretty great. The Towelheads are basically some of Geelong’s best (featuring members of The Frowning Clouds, Hierophants, and others), playing really good instrumental surf music. They were really loud, so to get an undistorted recording I had to mix it down to mono. I honestly don’t think it really matters though.


01 – Plane Crash
02 –
03 – Going Down
04 –
05 –
06 –
07 – Hijacked
08 – Taxi Man
09 – Durka Durka

Total time 22mins.



  1. The Blackfaces · · Reply

    Would anti-fade be interested putting out one of our records? We’re white dudes playing blues music but here’s the kicker we play in blackface. Sometimes we have people in chains playing nothing as props. It looks cool and edgy.

  2. Jon Do Whopper · · Reply

    take that turtlenecjk audio down , i didnt ask for this, go suck up ya little garge punk asses a liitle more, and never review me again ecchardt, i work 60 hours of construction a week and i dont need wannabe blog hipsters telling me how good/shit i am, its a hobby/escapism not my life, cheers pal , hope youre paving a great name for yourself , thanks again , ado

    1. Suit yourself, I didn’t mean offense.
      All Turtlenecjk is gone, you won’t see it here again.

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