Equalizer 24K, xNoBBQx, Love Chants, Kitchen’s Floor – Discipline 3 Launch, Shebeen, Melbourne, VIC (2013-08-04)

Discipline 3The next in a string of really, really amazing lineups over this weekend. It seemed that all the Brisbane folks came down together, and this resulted in some memorable shows; this one probably takes the cake though, lineup wise. I’ve been wanting to see Kitchen’s Floor for a very long time – I’m talking years. Every time they made it down this way I couldn’t make it to a show, for all sorts of reasons. Anyway, the wait was worth it. Awesome venue too; I’d love to see more stuff there. Every one of these sets sound fantastic.

Equalizer 24K is the solo project of Nicola Morton, artist and member of Brisbane weirdo acts Wardenburger and Club Sound Witches. This set explores similar territory to the Club Sound Witches set from a few days beforehand, albeit less broken sounding. Repetitive synth sequences and spoken word mantras.

Equalizer 24K

Total time 24mins.

I’m so glad that I went to (and documented) both xNoBBQx sets over these few days, as they each presented very different sides of the band. While the Friday night’s performance was in the much more aggressive “classic” xNoBBQx style, this set was more in keeping with some of their recent releases (this year’s Green Fingers cassette/cd-r release on Breakdance The Dawn springs to mind). More subdued; happy to take it’s time to wherever it was going. This set seems to have been abandoned early, and it looked like Matt was having some amp trouble. This of course doesn’t detract from the performance, but rather just adds another element to it.


Total time 12mins.

Again, I’m very happy that I went to and documented both of these Love Chants sets, because they are both quite different. This biggest difference in this set was that Michael was using a guitar with a broken lead. This caused his guitar to crackle, buzz and drop out intermittently, adding an entirely new element to their sound. There is still that beauty in the songs, but more so than ever it’s coupled with a sense of everything gradually falling apart, and the band (very literally, in the case of Michael’s faulty equipment) struggling to keep it together. A beautiful and unique performance.

Love Chants

01 –
02 –

Total time 23mins.

As I said in my introduction, I’d been waiting for a chance to see Kitchen’s Floor for a very long time, and seeing this performance in-the-flesh fully exceeded any expectations I might have had. This particular incantation was Matt Kennedy solo with an electric guitar. Though there are a few taped performances of one-man Kitchen’s Floor shows (including the amazing Live At Real Bad cd-r, which is an essential document for any Kitchen’s Floor fan), all recordings that I could find featured Kennedy with an acoustic guitar. This uniquely places this set in a kind-of middle ground between the solo acoustic stuff and the full band Kitchen’s Floor. Just check out this set’s version of Dishes to see what I mean – amazing stuff. Matt was also nice enough to play Back Home for me, which was awesome of him. Don’t hesitate to download this – it is one of the very best sets I’ve put up here.

Kitchens Floor

01 – Downed It
02 – Bitter Defeat
03 – Regrets
04 – Down
05 – 116
06 – Twenty-Four
07 – Back Home
08 – No Love
09 – Dishes
10 – Deadshits
11 –
12 – Needs
13 – Graves

Total time 29mins.


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