Flat Fix, Wonderfuls, Love Chants, Woollen Kits – Crawlspace Presents, The Gasometer, Collingwood, VIC (2013-08-03)

Crawlspace Presents PosterI’d been looking forward to this gig for a very long time; the Love Chants EP is probably my favorite record of the year thus far, and they had never played a show in Melbourne before so I had been keenly keeping an eye out for any announcements for a while. This gig was organized by the amazing Crawlspace website, an Australian site edited and mostly written by Shawn Prescott; a man who’s opinions on music I have learnt to trust, and quite possibly my favorite music writer. Sound quality varies wildly on this one; Flat Fix and Love Chants both sound amazing, while Wonderfuls and Woollen Kits sound a bit muddy (and in the case of Woollen Kits occasionally blown-out).

Flat Fix is a relatively new project from Nick Senger (Castings, Spanish Magic tape label) and Cooper Bowman (Altered States Tapes, various noise projects). Together they create hypnotic analogue electronic music, often flirting with the idea of dance music but never fully getting there. This set sounds really great – there’s something about electronic acts that makes the recordings often turn out really well.

Flat Fix

01 –
02 –
03 –

Total time 22mins.

Everything I said about the Wonderfuls show the night before applies here as well. It was interesting to see them on a stage, it made them less immediately intense. Still fantastic though. If you’re only going to download one of the Wonderfuls gigs, I’d probably go with the night before over this one – that’s mostly to do with the mix though, not the performance. Bobby’s vocals were much louder at The Tote. Both sets are fantastic though, and have their own little quirks.


01 – There Is Only Blood
02 – Relapse
03 – Freezing Cold
04 – Change
05 – Offerings
06 – Where Does It End
07 – North
08 – Salty Town

Total time 34mins.

Love Chants is Anthony Guerra (Black Petal label, solo artist, collaborator), Michael Zulicki (Albert’s Basement label, Mad Nanna, Mole House, Silk Ears), and Matt Earle (Breakdance The Dawn label, xNoBBQx, Club Sound Witches, Muura, so many other projects…). Together they create compositions for two guitars, drums and whispered voice. Their debut self-titled EP, which they were officially launching on the night, is an incredible record, and one of my favorites in recent memory. They absolutely did that record justice with this performance, which is transporting and breathtakingly beautiful. I can’t speak highly enough of this band. The recording sounds great too.

Love Chants

01 – Small Jewels
02 – Untitled
03 –
04 – Skirts Of Rain
05 – I Won’t Run

Total time 35mins.

Woollen Kits are Woollen Kits – by this stage there’s not a whole lot to be said that hasn’t already been said; simply put, they play really great pop songs. I really like the band, and I probably like other projects by the individual members even more (Constant Mongrel, Leather Towel, Nun). This was a great show, unfortunately this recording is quite muddy, with the vocals low in the mix. It also occasionally gets a bit too loud and distorts, though this isn’t very frequent. A few of the track titles for new songs were taken from the set list, so they may not be the final names of the songs. (EditIn the metadata of the mp3s I incorrectly spelt Woollen Kits as “Woolen Kits”. Sorry about that; you’ll have to go in and fix it yourself.)

Woollen Kits

01 – Back To You
02 – Cheryl
03 – Down Your Street
04 – Blossom
05 – Out Of Whack
06 – Be You
07 – Home
08 – Susannah
09 – Shelley

Total time 29mins.


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