Match Fixer, Big Yawn, Club Sound Witches – Electric Cultures III, The Old Bar, Fitzroy, VIC (2013-08-01)

Electric Cultures PosterMy main reason for going to this gig was to see Club Sound Witches, who’s members were down from Brisbane. They’ve had some really intriguing cassettes out on the Breakdance The Dawn label (one of the best DIY labels in Australia, if not the world), and I was very interested in seeing them produce that sound, (rumored to be at least somewhat attributable to them using broken electronic instruments), in person. The other two bands that I saw were excellent though, and I’m very glad I headed down early to see them. Unfortunately I had to go home after Club Sound Witches so I didn’t see Cocks Arquette or Gurner, but I have a recording of Gurner from when they supported Greg Boring if you’re interested in hearing that. All three sets sound really great – there is some peaking and distortion, but that was produced by the Old Bar sound system not the dic.

Match Fixer is a very new project from Angel Eyes’ Andrew Cowie. He had uploaded a demo to Soundcloud a couple of days before this gig (which has since been removed), and it’s from this 2013 Betting Scandal demo that the songs that he played originate. Judging by the timeline by which this new project was announced and this set was played, I’m fairly sure that this was the first time Cowie had performed under the Match Fixer alias. Match Fixer doesn’t stray too far from what Cowie does with Angel Eyes, but is different enough to warrant a different moniker. I also think that this might be one of the clearest recordings I have done yet; I recommend checking it out.

Match Fixer

01 – Second Test
02 – Third Test
03 – First Test

Total time 29mins.

I’d never even heard of Big Yawn before this, but was very impressed. A two man setup of sampler, synthesizer and live drums. The set goes all over the place, from fairly straight forward chill-out jam stuff to comparatively intense minimalist pummeling. A nice surprise. I didn’t know how to split this one up, not really knowing where one song ends and another begins. What I ended up by doing is splitting it into two tracks where the band stopped about halfway through their set; I’m not sure if they just played two songs with different sections, or if they segued shorter songs into one another.

Big Yawn

01 –
02 –

Total time 20mins.

From the info that I was able to dig up, Club Sound Witches was first emerged in 2012. Composed of Nicola Morton (Equalizer 24K, Wardenburger, Bad Intentions) and Matt Earle (the man behind Breakdance The Dawn, performs under the guise of Muura and member of countless amazing bands including xNoBBQx, Xwave, Girls Girls Girls, Love Chants, Bitter Defeat….), Club Sound Witches can be simply described as minimal techno, but that would not be doing them justice. Broken synths throb and squeal as Nicola’s frustrations of living in Brisbane become a mantra for the entire room; “I live in a city that is a country town…” I’m not going to try and describe it too much; it’s really best just to listen to this and decide for yourself what you think it all means. A video excerpt of this performance turned up on Nicola’s blog a few days ago, if you’re interested in seeing what it all looked like.

Club Sound Witches

Total time 23mins.


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