Destiny 3000, Lower Plenty, Mad Nanna – Mad Nanna 7” Launch, The Northcote Social Club, Northcote, VIC (2013-07-31)

Mad Nanna NSC Poster

This show was billed as both the late launch of Mad Nanna’s 7″ single My Two Kids (released by US imprint Soft Abuse back in November 2012), and their farewell gig before the head off on a tour of the US and Europe. They got a great turnout for this show, and we were treated to three great sets. It was nice to see Lower Plenty again, gigs seem to be few and far between for these guys lately. All sets were recorded from center stage about halfway down the room and sound really good.

Five girls, four guitars, one drum kit. These Sydney lasses channel 90’s alt-rock very convincingly and seemed to win a few fans with this set, despite feeling the need to apologize at the end of it. It may not be my kind of thing but it was hardly a “crap show” (as one of their guitarists described it). Definitely worth a look if you think you might be into it. I particularly liked the song Go Away.

Destiny 3000

01 –
02 –
03 – Broke 4 U
04 –
05 –
06 –
07 –
08 – Go Away
09 – The Real (Kim) Deal

Total time 27mins.

Playing with the stripped back lineup of Jensen, Al and Daniel (Sarah had apparently “injured her hamstring”), the guys played a great set of mainly (relatively) new songs. I can’t speak highly enough of these guys; the songs are simply just really, really fucking good. Definitely worth the download – a really great set.

Lower Plenty

01 –
02 – On The Beach
03 – Black Jaguar
04 –
05 –
06 –
07 –

Total time 31mins.

Unfortunately I missed the first couple of minutes of this set – I was outside and didn’t realize they had started playing. This set was just the core band of Michael, Pat and Ian. They played some really great songs that I hadn’t got recordings of yet – I Wanna See You is a standout track, quite unusual for a Mad Nanna song – the band play so rhythmically, along with Michael sneering mantra of “hey, I wanna see you”, that it is almost verging on rock music. Or a least a warped Mad Nanna version of it. So, so good; I’m going to miss seeing these guys as often as I’ve been able to.

Mad Nanna

01 –
02 – No Title
03 – I Wanna See You
04 – My Two Kids
05 – You Can’t Expect It
06 – The Nectarine Tree

Total time 40mins.


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