Exhaustion, Ooga Boogas – Morning Ritual, Copacabana, Fitzroy, VIC (2013-07-20)

Morning Ritual PosterThis was the last of the Morning Ritual shows, an amazing showcase of some of the best music Melbourne has to offer. This date stood out as being particularly excellent – both Exhaustion and the Ooga Boogas played, in my opinion, some of the best sets of all the Morning Rituals that I went to. Unfortunately, I’m not super happy with the audio quality on these recordings – they sound fine, but you might have to crank them up a little bit louder than usual.

Straight off the bat, Exhaustion blew me away. I’d seen them before, at their LP launch at the Tote, but this set was above and beyond anything I’d seen them do in the past. Perhaps it simply because they’ve now played together for much longer than last time I had seen them, but they seemed to be able to stretch out and explore the songs more, their familiarity with each others playing lending itself to this. Or maybe I was just in the right mindset this particular morning. Whatever it was; Exhaustion were really, really good, and probably my personal highlight of all of the Morning Ritual gigs. I have their album, but didn’t recognize any of the songs – either it was all new stuff, or I didn’t listen hard enough.


01 –
02 –
03 –
04 –

Total time 31mins.

I’d been wanting to go to an Ooga Booga’s gig ever since getting my hands on their latest (amazing) album, but the couple of gigs that they did do I was unable to get to for various life reasons. So, as soon as I saw these lineups I knew that I had to do everything in my power not to miss this one. I’m so glad I did, because the Ooga Boogas were just as excellent as I’d hoped, and had been told, they would be. Nothing else really needs to be said – if you’re not familiar with them drop whatever you’re doing and get an album, if you are familiar with them you already know how good this show is. Edit – Rich filled in the gaps in the track names for me; you’ll have to rename a couple of the mp3s after you’ve downloaded.

Ooga Boogas

01 – Ooga Booga III
02 – Archie & Me
03 – Circle Of Trust
04 – Neon Sunset
05 – FYI
06 – Oogie Boogie II (The Hobo Hoedown)
07 – Mind Reader
08 – Rich ‘n’ Me
09 – I’ve Got Feelings Too
10 – Diggin’ A Hole
11 – Sex In The Chillzone
12 – On Safari
13 – A Night To Remember

Total time 65mins.



  1. First song is Ooga Booga III.

    1. …and #9 is I’ve Got Feelings Too

      1. Awesome, thanks again.

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