Leather Towel, Pronto – Pronto Residency, The Tote, Collingwood, VIC (2013-07-17)

Pronto PosterI’d been interested in catching one of the Pronto residency gigs since they started up – I’d heard a lot of really great things about the band and I was very keen to catch them live. I figured this show was probably best, as I’d get another chance to see the amazing Leather Towel. Batpiss got added to the lineup at the last minute, but I didn’t record them. Both sets sound as good as any other of my sets recorded at The Tote, except I miss the first half a song or so of both because of beer. Sorry about that.

Leather Towel is Jake Robertson (Ausmuteants, Hierophants, Frowning Clouds) on guitar and vox, John Douglas (Knife Fight) on guitar, Tom Hardisty (Woolen Kits, Nun) on bass, and Per Byström (Ooga Boogas, Exhaustion) on drums. They’re amazing. Thirteen hard, fast and amazingly catchy songs in twenty-four minutes (including the time it took for Tom had to swap his bass after one of the strings broke). There’s been some fairly convincing evidence that these guys have an LP coming out on Aarght sometime soon – I really hope this is true.

Leather Towel

01 – Too Much On My Mind
02 – Mean Girls
03 – Leather Towel
04 – Nacho Chips
05 – I Like Love
06 – Sliders
07 – Food Poisoning II
08 – Leather Towel
09 – Siding With Yoko
10 – Slug Guys
11 – Growing Pain
12 – Progress
13 – Natural Disasters

Total time 24mins

Pronto are a really great, relatively new local punk band. I’m terrible at writing about punk bands, so all I’ll say is that sometimes they do a Gizmos cover and they do it very well. I liked them so much I’m planning on going back next week. Super short set.


01 –
02 –
03 –
04 –
05 –
06 – When You Are Gone
07 –
08 –

Total time 18mins


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