Mad Nanna – A Movie And A Music, Bar Open, Fitzroy, VIC (2013-07-07)

As part of the Leaps and Bounds festival, Pat O’brien (of Mad Nanna and Sunshine & Grease fame) has been putting on shows every Sunday night upstairs at Bar Open consisting of a screening of a film followed by a live performance. This Mad Nanna show followed a screening of Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King, an awesome doco about the band Half Japanese. This was a great set; fairly long and with a few songs that I hadn’t heard them play in a while. Mad Nanna at this show was Michael, Pat and Ian with Karl von Bamberger (Hammering The Cramps, Horse Mania, A Band Called Life) on keys – he’s been playing with them at most shows I’ve been to for a while now. Recorded pretty much in the middle of this nicely intimate room with a small audience; sounds great.

Mad Nanna

01 – The Nectarine Tree
02 – If I Don’t Sleep Tonight
03 – I’ve Been Talking
04 – No Title
05 – I’m Not Coming Here
06 – My Two Kids

Total time 40mins


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